The Bower Artist in Residence


In the 2nd half of 2014, we tried something different. This years Artist in Residence was ‘The Upcyclist’, James Galletly. James came to us with the idea for building a ‘Tiny House’ from salvaged and recycled materials from The Bower. James started the project in June of 2014, building the Tiny house in front of the Bower.

IMG_9619 Alicia Fox PhotographyLR

James used 95% recycled and salvaged materials from the Bower. Certain items like the solar panels had to be purchased new but we are very proud that so much of the materials used were salvaged from building materials.

IMG_0514 Alicia Fox PhotographyLR IMG_0601 Alicia Fox PhotographyLR tin

IMG_4937 Alicia Fox PhotographyLR

During the building process, it was not unusual for the staff at The Bower to find James already hard at work when they arrived or to find him scouring and collecting the perfect pieces for the Tiny House from the Bower’s building supplies sections.

IMG_1312 Alicia Fox PhotographyLR IMG_5079 Alicia Fox PhotographyLR_1 thh5

One of the greatest aspects was that so many people volunteered their time to help with the build.

Tiny House4 th6

The tiny house was finished in time to be the centre piece of the Bower’s 15th anniversary celebrations and even got national media coverage.

th7 th8

Here are a few photos for the Tiny House, taken by Alicia Fox.

tiny house1 Tiny house in 2

Tiny house in b Tiny house in a th9

During the build the Tiny House was a great way to promote the Tiny House Movement and the Bower. It proved to be a great conversation piece and had many admirers over the build and its subsequent residency out the front of the Bower.

Tiny house3 Tiny house2

And finally in December 2014, the Tiny house found a new home and was off to begin its life.

th11 th12

Thanks to Alicia Fox Photography for the use of the photos of the Tiny House.


As part of our commitment to supporting the community in their reuse & repair endeavours, and with the help of a Marrickville Council grant, in 2012 we threw open our workshop doors to our first Artist in Residence at The Bower. We called him David McGuinness.

David is a sculptor, with much of his work being created from found objects, industrial waste and Bowery bits and pieces.

In July 2012 David’s residency culminated with a show at The Workshop. We’re incredibly proud of his diligence, application and persistance but most of all we’re just delighted with his eye for balance, light and humour.

Currently this space is now taken up by the Marrickville Mens Shed but the Addison Road Community Centre has opened up new studios for Eco-artists so we hope to see more creative reuse soon.

This project was supported by Marrickville Council’s Arts and Cultural Grants Program