Become a Member of The Bower

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As a co-operative and environmental charity specialising in repair and re-use, we rely on the support and commitment of our members. The Bower’s strength and ability to keep doing what it does well is very much related to the strength and diversity of its membership and community. Becoming a Bower member is a great way to support our work and be rewarded for it.

Member Benefits

Members of The Bower receive the following benefits:
1. A membership loyalty card which gives a $10 discount after five shops of $10 or more
2. Access to The Bower’s Rent-a-Bench program at our workshop space at 107 Redfern, with full access to tools and equipment for only $5 per hour
3.  The opportunity to be involved in The Bower’s Consignment Program and sell restored goods in The Bower shopfront at Marrickville
4. Eligibility to join the Bower Board as a member director and have a say in the governance of your co-operative
5. Voting rights at General Meetings

Member Categories

Bower memberships run from 1 July – 30 June each year. Annual membership fees are payable on July 1st each year and include GST. There are four membership categories:
1. Individual ($15): waged/part-waged.
2. Individual Concession ($10): applications for concession membership must show proof of approved concession card e.g. student, Centrelink or Pensioner card.
3. Household ($20): up to five persons can be identified on a household membership. They must all share a common household address.
4. Organisation ($40): applications for organisation membership must describe the activities, aims and objectives, and legal basis of the organisation before applying for membership.
New members who join after 1 January are eligible to pay half the annual amount for their first year to 30 June.

Requirements of being a Member

Along with paying the annual membership fee, Bower Members are required to fulfil one of the following criteria each membership year in order for their membership to be classified as ‘active’:
(i) Donate goods for sale to The Bower to a value of at least $2; or
(ii) Purchase goods from The Bower to a value of at least $2; or
(iii) Promote and assist with the activities of The Bower in a voluntary capacity for a period of at least one hour.

Why Wait? Join today!

Becoming a Bower Member is easy!  Choose one of the options below to join our extended team and support the work we do.

Join Online: You can complete our online membership form and pay your membership using PayPal.

Join in Person: Visit us in person and pick up a membership form. Complete the form and browse our incredible collection of items in-store.

Join via Mail: Complete the Membership Form and return to The Bower.

Renew your Membership

As a co-operative and environmental charity specialising in repair and re-use, we rely on the support and commitment of our members. By renewing your Bower membership, you continue your support for our important work. Renew your membership here.