Bower Membership Renewal

Along with paying the annual membership fee, Bower Members are required to fulfil one of the following criteria each membership year in order for their membership to be classified as ‘active’:

(i) Donate goods for sale to The Bower to a value of at least $2; or
(ii) Purchase goods from The Bower to a value of at least $2; or
(iii) Promote and assist with the activities of The Bower in a voluntary capacity for a period of at least one hour.

Once you have paid for your membership renewal, your new membership card and loyalty card will be held at The Bower for you to collect. We recommend that upon collecting your membership and loyalty cards that you fulfil the membership criteria at that time so that your membership is immediately activated.

Please select the relevant membership level from the drop-down menu below and click ‘Buy Now’. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete your payment

Level of Membership