The Reuse Referral Service

So you've got something you no longer want, but you don't want to throw it out.

Sometimes we can't take it directly - because of space, functionality, low demand, legalities and other fun reasons.


Don't despair! call The Reuse Referral Service to solve the problem!


When you call us, our staff will be able to accept your donation directly or refer you to some of over 1000 organisations, charities and institutions who will repair, reuse and resell your unwanted goods, keeping them out of landfill. Our database is up-to-date and our staff will try to tailor referrals to you, your unwanted goods and your location.


The RRS was set up with the financial support of a number of Sydney Councils and during 2011/12 was sponsored by 8 local councils. Without the participation of local government, this unique service would not be available for FREE.


Reuse Referral FAQs




OK, Sounds Good, How Does It Work?

Ring the Bower, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, on 9568 6280 and speak with our staff. They will endeavour to find a new home for your unwanted items.


Regardless of whether the Bower will take the goods directly, or if we are referring you on elsewhere,

our staff will ask a few simple questions like:

  • What suburb are the goods in?
  • Roughly what volume are they (ie, "is it a couple of milk crates worth, or would it fill a trailer?")
  • How did you hear about the Bower?

Your answers will help us improve our services, and gain funding to continue offering it for free.

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Can I email my queries?

Yes! We've an email address just for you. Click here to email us descriptions, pictures, queries etc and we'll get back to you asap.

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Why is the Bower Doing This?

Because our mission is to divert household 'waste' from the landfill, and although amongst

the worlds best paper and plastic recyclers, Australians generate more solid waste per

capita than nearly all other nationalities on the planet — only the USA and Canada throw

away more stuff.







Our Marrickville Site is dedicated to REUSE, and sometimes what you're offering needs to be recycled, or repaired by a specialist.


What Sort of Things can't you take?

Legal, sanitary and OH&S Requirements underpin what we can accept directly for reuse and resale through our store. The RRS provides solutions for things we can't accept, including


  • Analogue televisions
  • Mattresses
  • child safety seats/harnesses/toys
  • Automobile parts
  • Fluorescent light tubes
  • Bricks


Our capabilities are always fluctuating, so call us first, and we'll find a solution for you one way or another.

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Why are there things The Bower can't take?

Sometimes they are items we don't normally accept, like washing machines - because we can't test their wash cycles. Sometimes it's as simple as a lack of space, we might just have too many desks or books at the same time as you need to divest yourself of these. In that case we'll have a look on the database for places near to you that might want these items.

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How can The Bower offer this service for Free?

The Bower is an independent not-for-profit community driven charitable co-op.


We are not owned or auspiced under local or state government, religious charitable organisations or any commercial entity.

Anything we earn along the way gets plowed back in to education of the local community.


The Reuse Referral Service is the only funded arm of our co-operative and over the years has relies exclusively on the financial support of 9 valiant Sydney Councils


City of Sydney Ashfield Canterbury
Canada Bay Leichhardt Marrickville
Randwick Rockdale Woollahra


By offering alternatives to residents, the project reduces the tonnage of household ‘waste’ these councils currently truck away to the tip.

The Bower wishes to acknowledge and appreciatively thank these councils for their kind support of this service. Links to these councils can be found below.

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Who are the organisations you will refer me to?

Our database is chockfull of people who will help you extend the lifecycle of your unwanted goods. They might be charities, non-profit or for-profit businesses, and while their operations help us divert waste, they are not part of The Bower, nor in most cases, similar in structure or primary goals.

They share our enthusiasm for reusing, repairing or recycling goods though, and The Bower receives no kick-back, no commission, no financial benefit at all from the referrals.

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So What Sort of Things Might These Enterprises Take?

The Enterprises are many and varied as are the goods they accept, but all are involved in reuse, repair and/or recycling. These enterprises can accept items such as computers and peripherals, building materials, mattresses and even old rags that can be recycled into industrial cleaning cloths.

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Can you Guarantee These Other Enterprises Will Take my Unwanted Goods?

Alas no. We are only referring you on. We have no control over another business's day-to- day operations. But we are continually double checking the entries on the database to ensure the information we give out is as accurate as possible. But ultimately it is up to these other businesses as to whether they can help you with your goods, in the manner that you require.

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Can I Have My Enterprise Included On The Referral Database?

If your work is in the area of Reuse, Repair or Recycling, and you can assist the residents of the councils mentioned above, then most likely it will be suitable for inclusion. Aside from the usual address, phone number, email and web contacts we like a brief but informative description of the business, plus trading hours, whether you pick-up, accept donations and/ or buy goods, etc. Please contact us to see if your business is appropriate for the Referral Database.

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Can I Ask The Bower About my Local Council's Waste and Recycling Policies?

You can ask, but this is not our area of expertise. Best to go directly to your council. Click their name below for their website (in most cases we have linked directly to their waste management information page) or give them a call on the number provided.

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