Accepting and re-selling preloved goods is The Bower's immediate answer to the problem of waste management in Sydney.

Ultimately we all know the long term solution is to change our practices - refuse excess packaging, reduce consumption, reuse goods and ultimately recycle them.


With this in mind, The Bower has put a lot fo time and energy into expanding it's services for the community to a complete resource centre for sustainable living.


Eco-Snapshot Schools Program

For many years we have worked in conjunction with SCRAP to teach school kids about their environment and how to care for it. The Bower forms one fifth of this initiative, focusing on the subject of Material Use & Management (MUM). Throughout the day long program, known as an Eco-snapshot, kids participate in an audit of their school and the practices of their Peers. In the MUM audit kids assess everything from their lunch box to their paper and printing habits and consider how they can use less and reuse more. The day is always great fun, with kids racing allover the school to find answers for the audit, then brainstorming posters and presentations to share their new found knowledge with their peers.


Site Visits

We host school excursions, and are proud to wow primary school kids with our antiquated technology. Vinyl Records?! What are they?!


Reuse Gallery

For the big and small kids alike The Bower has a collection of reuse and upcycled works including a coffee table made from Bike rims, a footstool made from a coffee table, a plane made from an old oil can, bags from rubber innertubes and many many other innovations. You can find out more about the collection here, or visit our Eco-library in store.



The Eco-library has been open for 18 months now. The space is a lovely community lounge of sorts, chock full of hard to get info on repair, reuse and sustainability. With internet and printing facilities you'll find just the information you need and be able to take it home for future reference.


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