The Bower Team

You’ve probably met one or two of our awesome team – but have you met us all? Each member of the team comes from a different background and has different expertise to offer.


Guido Verbist

Guido Verbist
Cooperative Manager

Guido has worked in the not-for-profit and commercial sector including managing a recycling centre in his native Belgium. Between 2000 and 2008 Guido managed Greenpeace International’s operations department. Since moving to Australia in 2009 he was managing the Asia Pacific branch of a global security company. He started as Co-operative manager in August 2013. His ambition is to establish The Bower as a long term partner for the city’s councils waste management programs, create additional employment and training opportunities in the waste reuse and repair industry and give quality goods at affordable prices back to the community.



Louise  Gracelou
Customer Liaison Officer






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Mez Obrien
Administration Officer





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Annette Mayne
Marketing & Communications Officer

Annette is passionate about diverting waste from landfill and reckons her garage is a mini version of The Bower.  With a career background in marketing and communications, Annette spent many years working for multinational retail organisations until one day she convinced a small environmental charity in London to take her on to run a point-of-sale recycling campaign in supermarkets. Prior to joining The Bower, Annette was most recently working for WWF Australia on the Earth Hour campaign and philanthropy programs. In her spare time she teaches children to sew using upcycled fabrics and materials.


Greg Nabke – Bower Ranger
(Collection & Delivery)

With over 11 years of service to The Bower, Greg is our longest standing member of staff. Not only does he drive our truck, scouring council clean ups, delivering goodies and collecting donations, Greg is also our resident machine man. If it’s metal or mechanical, Greg knows what it is and how to fix it. He’s also a regular contributor of workbenches to our consignment section.


Glen Lambert
Electrical Technician

With a life time of testing and repairing electronics, Glen has a personal passion for classic and vintage electronics. Self educated in the nearly obsolete world of valve technology, he has experience servicing the music industry. Glen has become one of the leading technicians in this part of the world for Vox musical amplifiers, and he is happy to answer any enquires and give tips and tricks. Did we mention he’s in a band!?


Bower logoShane Wiechnik
Repairs, Sales and Floor







Luke Mitchell
Sales, Floor, Repairs and Driver






Bower logoJohn Lamrock
Sales and Floor







Christine Smith

Sales and Floor

Smith worked for more than 20 years in the Taronga and Western Plain Zoos as work health and safety manager. The globetrotter virus has taken her to Asia, Europe, Latin America and South Africa. She nominates as a highlight a one on one 80 minutes guided tour with Nelson Mandela in Taranga Zoo. Smith works as a casual salesperson for The Bower, is an active consignee and facilitates some of our Tricks of the Trade workshops.