Rent-a-Bench and Workshop Rental

As part of our ongoing mission to support and inspire creative reuse and repair, we have space available at our woodworking workshop in Redfern for members of the community to work on projects of their own. If you have something that needs fixing, or something you want to make with reclaimed timber, you should get in touch with our Woodworks team and take advantage of our workshop space.

How it works

Get in touch with our Woodworks team to talk about your project and find out about bench availability. You can email us at for more information. Let us know what you are excited about and we will help you out. Bench space is paid for by the hour. On your first day you will get an induction to the space and equipment. From there, you will have access to our tools and equipment and some storage space. Just like at any gym, you will need to share and coordinate equipment use with the staff and other Rent-a-Benchers.

You don’t need to be a woodworking expert, but if it is your first time we do encourage you to take one of our basic courses, either as part of our Tricks of the Trade program or through Sydney Community College.

We request you contact us 48 hours in advance of your booking to ensure availability


How to find us

The workshop is located at 107 Redfern St. Redfern, NSW

Access is via Turner St.

Contact us for more information


Tuesday-Thursday: 1pm-5pm

Friday: 1pm-6pm

Saturdays, Sundays, and Public holidays by request (minimum of 3 bookings)


You get access to:

  • A workbench of your own
  • A large assortment of handtools, power tools, and woodworking machines.
  • Some materials and consumables
  • Guidance or assistance from our Workshop Manager and staff


In the spirit of equal access, The Bower introduced three tiers for Rent a Bench, Woodworks Rental, and Workshop bookings: Subsidised, Standard and Corporate.

Subsidised is for small or unfunded Not for Profit organisations and concession card holders. Standard is for normal customers, small to medium sized organisations including schools and Councils. Corporate is for large for profit organisations.

Rent a Bench prices per hour

All prices are per hour

*There needs to be a minimum of 3 people renting a bench for a minimum of 3 hours on weekends and outside of standard work hours for the space to be opened up.

Terms & conditions

  • Must wear close toed shoes at all times in the workshop.
  • Must sign in and out with every use of the space.
  • Must abide by all requests made from the Workshop Manager or other Bower staff.
  • Must use appropriate safety equipment at all times,
  • and not use the space or equipment until an appropriate
  • induction has been conducted by Bower staff regardless of previous experience.
  • Must use 95% secondhand materials.


To find out more about The Bower’s Rent-a-Bench program, email  or call us on 9568 6280

Before payment, you must confirm with our woodworks staff () as to the availability of the benches, time frame, and suitability of the project.

Rent-A-Bench per hour

Please contact us about bookings for public holidays.

The Bower's workshop space in Redfern