Fixing a Wine Cooler w/ Gokhan

Over in our electrical workshop, magic happens all the time. We happened to catch up with Gokhan working on this wine cooler a few weeks ago and learned a lot about how these things work and what it takes to get them working again.

A wine cooler doesn’t need to get as cold as a fridge or freezer, and so the device designed to cool it down is actually quite compact and surprisingly easy to replace if you know what you’re doing.

In the back of the fridge, between two small computer fans, is a device called a Peltier Cooler or Thermoelectric Cooler. It’s a small flat device, which uses the transfer of heat between materials to essentially make one side cool and one side hot. With a fan on either side, you can push air past the cool side on the interior, and push hot air away on the outside.

In the entirety of this large device, that’s all that was stopping this cooler from doing its job, a faulty Peltier cooler. Once replaced, which involves a small amount of soldering and safety, the fridge can go on working for years to come.

Watch Gokhan work on the fridge here, and don’t forget to join us for our Repairworks Live on Facebook with the electrical team every other Saturday at 11am.

Gokhan and his wine cooler

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