Replacing and Inline Switch w/ Andre

Andre shows us how we can replace a faulty switch on a lamp to save it from landfill

In this video we explore the basics of a repair we do all the time. Inline switches on lamps and other appliances are often made cheaply and can develop faults. It is a waste to see the lamp lost just because of a simple switch, so it is good to know how they are repaired or replaced.

Unfortunately, many switches are moulded in such a way that they cannot be easily opened or repaired. In this case, Andre removes the switch entirely in order to replace it with a new switch which can be easily repaired in future if the need arrises.

We do not recommend undergoing these sorts of repairs at home, they can be very dangerous, and if something like this was done without disconnecting the lamp from the mains power, it could lead to serious injury or death. That said, we think it is important to let people know how repairable these objects are, because we believe it is important to repair them rather than throwing them away.

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