Live this Saturday! Fixing up old tools!

Luke and Shane go live this Saturday to talk about buying old tools and how to get them working beautifully

From 11am – Noon we will be looking over a number of basic hand tools you might find in the back of a shed or for sale second hand. We’ll talk about how you can know if those tools are any good and how to get them in the best useable shape.

Old hand tools are often better quality for price than new tools, but it does take a little bit of work sometimes to get them in the best working order. We’ll talk about old saws, chisels, planes, pliers, and other basic tools that often get neglected. We’ll show you how to de-rust them, sharpen them, and even put new handles on them.

If you have anything at home that needs work, or any questions, feel free to let us know!

Find more information HERE. See you there!

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