RepairWorks Live! Sharpening Basics

Luke and Shane talk about how to keep your tools sharp

Chisels, knives, axes, saws, are all cutting tools we use all the time and for them to perform at their best they need to be sharp. ‘sharp’ is not a mystical concept beyond our control, it is actually pretty simple and can be achieved with some basic equipment.

In this live session Shane and Luke cover the basic concepts of what sharp is and how to achieve it. Shane rehandles one of the chisels from two weeks ago and begins the sharpening process using a grinder and then continuing with some stones. Luke then discusses the difference between rip and crosscut saws and how to sharpen them properly.

Over the course of the video they cover:

  • Rehandling a chisel
  • Sharpening basics
  • Grinding a chisel
  • Sharpening a chisel w/ stones
  • Sharpening Knives
  • The difference between rip and crosscut saws
  • Sharpening rip and crosscut saws.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch! See you next time!

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