RepairWorks Live! Clothing Repair Basics

Kate and Ariane talk about basic sewing kits and tips

For their first session ever, Kate and Ariane joined us in the wood workshop to share their philosophy and tips for getting started in clothing repair. That philosophy, beautifully put, is “what’s the worst that could happen”. Starting their, they discuss what you probably should not attempt repairing (child safety items like seat belts and delicate heirlooms). Beyond that, however, they are happy to see people give it a red hot go!

They walk you through the basics of a good sewing kit, show you how to replace elastic or hoodie cords, show some basic sewing hacks, and Ariane demonstrates an absolutely revolutionary anchor for hand stitching.

Unfortunately halfway through the session we had a technical glitch and had to start a new video. So part two is posted below.

Kate and Ariane will be back in August to talk about knitting and darning. See you there!

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