Using a Rope and a Stick as a Clamp

What can you do if you don’t have any clamps at home?

At our regular furniture Repair Cafe’s we often have to glue up a broken or wobbly chair. We may have taken the chair apart, cleaned up its joints, and have put the whole thing back together again, and now it needs to be clamped up. In a workshop, we have loads of clamps we can go to in order to do this. At home, you probably don’t. So we like to show people how they can make a simple clamp using just a rope and a stick.

Traditionally, this device is called a ‘twitch’, and you can watch Luke demonstrate how to use one in the video above. They are incredibly simple and work really well on chairs.

The basic concept is to wrap the rope around the object several times, then twist the rope using a stick. This tightens up the tension evenly around the object holding it firmly while the glue dries.

A twitch won’t help pull tight joints together, for that you may need to use a mallet or something else. Once together, however, tighten it up with this device, leave it overnight, and it should be good to go in the morning!

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