Have Yourself a Sustainable Christmas

Woman with Christmas tree made from recycled timber

Christmas is fast approaching and in light of everything that is going on in the world, it feels a little frivolous to carry on as if it were business as usual. That’s why we’ve curated a series of ideas focused on the principles of reuse and less is more to help you have a sustainable Christmas.

Here goes:

Don’t buy disposable crockery and cutlery for your guests, and don’t ead to one of the retail giants to top up on cheap kitchenalia. Come and see us instead – we have a raft of preloved crockery and cutlery that you can use for your Christmas celebrations, and if you don’t need it at the end, donate it back!

Do away with paper Christmas wrapping; Give the traditional art of Furoshiki a try using materials you already have in your home;

Don’t buy objects, give your loved ones a new skill or experience (like a guided tour, a course, or a special meal);

Donate, Donate, Donate. Many of us don’t need anything. Instead of buying gifts, donate what you would normally spend to an impact organisation of your choice;

Talk to your extended family opting for a Kris Kringle situation, or even more fun, make it a Stealing Santa situation… one gift is enough, right? And choose used – an item with provenance holds more significance than something pointless and new;

Have a vegetarian Christmas. Anna Jones can tell you how. Or try this Mushroom Wellington (it’s delicious served with loads of salad and some awesome pickles or chutney on the side); and,

Buy a Bower Christmas tree! These babies are made from 100% reclaimed timber that has been saved from landfill and are available to purchase in our Marrickville store.

Merry Sustainable Christmas!