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Bower Reuse & Repair Centre is an environmental charity dedicated to championing re-use and repair, living sustainably and tackling the mounting waste crisis.

Community education is key. We need to shift attitudes and ideas about what is ‘junk’ and acquire the practical knowledge and skills to re-imagine, re-use, re-purpose and repair the everyday items that are central to our 21st century way of life.

Help us raise $15,000 to support the development of an educational campaign for school-aged children.

Please consider donating now to help us expand our community education program in 2021, and to initiate our new schools education program. Together we can change community attitudes to repair and re-use, and help create a better world. 

Bower school holiday workshop, Parramatta

Over the years The Bower has developed into a thriving community education hub. We now run courses and workshops 7 days a week across multiple locations, for thousands of people per year.

The Bower was recently awarded the honour of being named the Community Educator or the Year Award for 2020, by the NSW chapter of the Australian Association of Environmental Education. These awards promote and recognise individuals, organisations and programs in NSW that have provided leadership and inspiration to others while contributing to quality environmental outcomes.

The judges particularly noted our “exceptional leadership and innovation” and our “broad contribution to bringing the repair and reuse mindset back to the community.”

Pioneering practical environmental education

The Bower has been at the forefront of practical education in reuse, repair and sustainable living for over 20 years. In 2014 we introduced the Community Repair Café concept to Australia; creating a space for non-repairers to meet with experts and learn from them; enabling them to fix their own everyday household objects.

Since then we have opened new workshop spaces in Zetland, Redfern and Parramatta. During 2020 – in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – we have expanded into the online space, effectively allowing anyone to participate in a Bower workshop, wherever they are, anywhere in the world.

The next generation

With your gift we will launch a new schools program in 2021, to work with the next generation. Young people today are more attuned than ever to the environmental problems they are set to inherit. The Bower’s school program will give students practical tools and the skills needed to realise a world where we value our resources and limit waste. We will revive the practices of reuse and repair.

Donate today to make this vision a reality.


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