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Bower Reuse & Repair Centre is an environmental charity dedicated to championing re-use and repair and living sustainably, while supporting those in our community most in need.

‘House to Home’ is one of our key programs: Working with emergency housing and support agencies to give practical support to domestic violence survivors, refugees, homeless and those in desperate need to transition smoothly from temporary accommodation to a fully furnished home.

Our ‘Home-keeper’ program helps others who have been hard hit in these traumatic times, through loss of job or income or other hardship – by providing free household goods.

With more calls for help than ever coming into the Bower, donate today to help a homeless person, a refugee or a domestic violence survivor and their children reclaim their dignity, respect, and not just a house but a real home.

2020 was a year of great strain for many, as the global pandemic hit our lives like a tsunami. Many lost jobs, some lost homes, some found themselves isolated, separated from their homes and loved ones by closed borders. 

At the Bower, we felt that strain in many ways, not least through the big jump in calls for help from all quarters of society.

Help raise $20,000 to support those in desperate need journey from house to home.

In 2021, with more demand than ever from DV survivors, refugees, bushfire victims and others buffeted by these difficult times, donate now to help us raise $20,000 to journey from house to home.

With your support today, we can help families and individuals in most desperate need, to furnish an entire home including dining setting, lounge, bed, fridge at no cost to the family.

Domestic violence survivors refugees and others can choose their own furnishings from the Bower to help them transition to a new home.

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