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Right To Repair
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Sustainable Future
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Donate today for the ‘Right to Repair’ and for a sustainable future.

Your support will help the Bower run a strong media, political and community advocacy campaign to:

  • Fight for citizens ‘Right to Repair‘ their household and electrical items.
  • Policies and practices to drastically cut waste and pollution.
  • Achieve real, lasting social change in living sustainably.

The Bower Re-use and Repair Centre has played a vital role for more than 20 years in fostering a culture of sustainability, re-use and repair and your support will help ensure the Bower continues to fulfil its environmental and social mission for the next 20 years and beyond.

The ‘Right to Repair‘ movement is growing around the world. In the United States, France, Germany and other contries we are seeing the right to repair beginning to be enshrined in legislation – making it mandatory for spare parts, repair manuals and repairs to be provided free of charge in some cases.

With your help, the Bower has grand plans for the next 12 months to expand our innovative and award winning programs which will help all members of our community participate in ‘the circular economy’ These include:

  • Our community repair café (the first in Australia).
  • Our Rent-a-bench program so everyone can have the tools and workspace they need to repair, restore and revive household items.
  • Our community & women’s sheds and an expanded program of courses and workshops, as well as to fight for the community’s right to repair!

Donate now to secure every citizen’s right to repair and to live sustainably.

Donate now to secure a sustainable future for The Bower and for Sydney

The Bower is at risk of being forced out of our long term home in Marrickville – from the strawbale building our volunteers built with their own hands from recycled and salvaged materials 20 years ago.

The Bower has been going through one of our toughest times in our 20 year history.

At the same time that interest in sustainability, re-use and ‘the circular economy’ hits new heights of popularity across Sydney, the Bower is in for the fight of its life – facing dual threats of crippling rent-rises and eviction.

The Bower Re-use and Repair Centre has both an important environmental and a social mission – to divert ‘waste’ from landfill, by encouraging restoration, repair and reuse (‘upcycled style!‘) and to support society’s disadvantaged, by, for example, providing quality household items, as well as teaching practical knowledge and skills in repair and restoration.

Sadly the Bower’s landlord has been determined to remove the reuse and repair sector from the Addison Road community precinct – our home for over 20 years. We are raising money so that we can survive and thrive and support Sydney’s ‘circular economy’ to thrive.

We have been faced with no choice but to challenge our landlord in the Supreme Court of NSW, and are hoping to enter into mediation to secure a viable future for the Bower, and meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions to the ‘throw-away’ society.

Your donation will help us raise the additional $15,000 needed urgently to ensure the Bower survives and thrives – and along with it, the sustainable future the Bower promotes.