Parra Pickers – Night Market – 14 February, 2020

Night Market

Parrapickers is a quarterly flea market organized by The Bower that brings together not for profits, social enterprises and individuals who display an array of second hand, vintage items and buyers who share the sentiment for second hand and reuse.

Parrapickers February Markets are going to be all about a community event that brings together the willingness and resources that will contribute to a cause bigger than individual needs – The Australian bush fires. Even though we would have liked to have the markets right before Easter, it’s still a great time for you to plan in advance, show solidarity towards the adversities our country has faced in the last few months and weeks. If there was ever a better time to move to a circular way of life with reuse at its core, it is now. So we can stop with the pressure we put on the limited resources of the land.

The community has come together in remarkable ways and we need to keep at it. We encourage Individuals, Families, Students, Not-for-profit Organisations to set up a second-hand stall at the Parra Pickers night market in Parramatta on 14 February,2020 to raise money for the bushfire appeals (Red Cross or/and Wires).

There markets will be accompanied by entertainment and food to suit a range of age groups and various types of palettes.

With all that and more Parrapickers- Bushfire Fundraiser is all set to leverage community goodness with the need of the hour – raising funds for the bushfires and promoting a circular way of life by selling and buying second-hand. .

If you feel passionate about reuse or another social or environmental cause, or even if you are looking for just a unique find, something pre-owned or useful, Parra Pickers will be worth your while.

Stallholders Info

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Food and Brew Stallholders Info

If you are an experienced Parramatta palette pleaser or want to test your menu with a multicultural audience, Parra Pickers is the perfect opportunity. To contact us for a brew or food stall, write to

Event Details

  • Event Name – Parra Pickers – Night Market
  • Event Date & Time – 14 February 2020, 4-9PM
  • Event Venue – The Bower, 10 Hunters Street, Parramata
  • To let us know you’re coming Register here