Parra Pickers – Night Market – October 2019

About The Event

We are thrilled to announce the grand comeback of Parrapickers on 18th October, 2019 from 4-9PM. Parrapickers is a quarterly night flea market organized by The Bower that brings together not for profits, social enterprises and individuals who display an array of second hand, vintage items and buyers who share the sentiment for second hand and reuse. This year Parrapickers will be a night market from 4-9 PM on a Friday evening to make it convenient for office goers and residents in and around the Parramatta CBD to attend.

Parrapickers will also coincide with the last day of the Parra lanes event, which will be held a few streets away from us. Almost perfect for a short stroll around the neighbourhood in between your food stalls hopping sprees (See map below). There will also be entertainment like music and food to suit a range of age groups and various types of palettes.

With that Parrapickers – October 2019 is all set to reinfuse the reuse revolution.

If you feel passionate about reuse or another social or environmental cause, or even if you are in the mood for just a unique find, something pre-owned or useful this night market will be worth your while.

Stallholders Info

If you are a not-for-profit, social enterprise, individual, wanting to showcase and sell second-hand goods, To register a stall click on Stall Registrations

Food and Brew Stallholders Info

If you are an experienced Parramatta Palette pleaser or want to test your menu in a multicultural audience setting, Parra Pickers is the perfect opportunity. To contact us for a brew or food stall, write to

Event Details

  • Event Name – Parra Pickers – Night Market
  • Event Date & Time – 18th October 2019, 4-9PM
  • Event Venue – The Bower, 10 Hunters Street, Parramata
  • To let us know you’re coming Register here

From Parra Lanes to Parra Pickers

Walking Distance Between Parra Lanes and Parra Pickers