Fight for your
Right To Repair


After a fight to save the Bower, we’re back!

Thank you to the 1000s who helped convince our landlords to let us re-open our doors last December and since then we’ve being going strong.

We’re now looking to the future! And the future is a sustainable one based on a strong circular economy.

A central element of that circular economy is your right to repair your essential household and personal items – a Right to Repair supported and enforced by government laws and policy.

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How many times have you had to throw something away after only a year or two because its just too hard or costly to repair?

You may have heard of ‘built in obsolescence’ – products deliberately designed to be thrown away and replaced, rather than repaired- the results of this travesty end up on our footpaths and in landfill.

Many ideas for enabling your right to repair have been tried overseas – and they’re making a big difference. In France, businesses have to state clearly how long spare parts will be available for. In Sweden, you can claim the cost of repair as a tax deduction.

Other measures can help to make it easier, more convenient and cheaper for you to repair regular household and personal items such as whitegoods, clothing, bicycles and much more.

Help kick off our ‘Right to Repair’ campaign by taking our short two question survey, and we will keep you up-to-date as we fight for your right to repair!

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