Parramatta Women’s Shed

Thanks to the support of City of Parramatta Council, Parramatta Women’s Shed is now helping the women of Western Sydney gain the confidence to pick up tools.

After an exciting launch, when forty women visited the Bower Reuse & Repair Centre to discuss their interests and hopes for what the Women’s Shed would offer, a program of hands-on workshops taught by female instructors has been developed.

Parramatta Women’s Shed will provide women with a safe and supportive space to learn skills we have not traditionally been encouraged to learn growing up. Hanging pictures, using power tools, doing basic plumbing or carpentry – these are fairly simple tasks and there’s no reason why we women shouldn’t be able to do them!

There is so much enjoyment to be found in restoring old furniture, in upcycling household goods, even in replacing the washer on a leaky tap. At the same time as empowering women with these skills, we also hope to build a community. While 2018 will see the Bower providing education in the form of low-cost workshops, in future we hope to see skill sharing between participants. We’re hoping that Parramatta Women’s Shed will evolve into a self-run community of women, working on DIY, upcycling and repair projects in our workshop space in Parramatta. We’re expecting there will be a fair bit of tea and biscuits too.

If you’re interested in becoming an ongoing volunteer for the Women’s Shed, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us on

Upcoming Parramatta Women’s Shed Workshops:

Intro to Power Tools

We know you’re itching to use power tools! This workshop gets right to the good stuff: drilling, sawing and chopping. You’ll learn to use a range of power tools and a few hand tools thrown in for good measure.

Sunday 14 October 10am-3pm – BOOK NOW

Sunday 2 December – BOOK NOW

Basic Carpentry Workshops:

Learn how to plan a project and work with both power and hand tools while finishing a basic box construction.

Sunday 23 September 10am-3pm – BOOK NOW

Sunday 18 November 10am-3pm – BOOK NOW

Stay tuned to the Bower’s Facebook and Instagram for more updates on the Women’s Shed.

Marrickville Men’s Shed

Meets every Thursday 10:00am to 2:00pm.

They work on projects in The Bower toolshed and the Greening Australia backyard (next door). Currently they’re building custom tool cabinets to sort out 8 years worth of collected, salvaged and reused tools.

In August 2011, The Bower held an innaugural meeting of The Marrickville Men’s Shed.

The Marrickville Shed is a great space for guys to get together and build projects to help out the community. The Bower has a community workshop chock full of repaired and restored tools and we can’t wait to see what the guys will do with it all once it’s sorted out and ready for action!

The program was begun with considerable help from Marrickville Council as well as input from the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre‘s Boarding House Project and Greening Australia.

The Bower was successful in securing seed funding through the CDSE program. Money donated by Canterbury and Hurlstone Park RSL Club allowed for the hiring of a facilitator to oversee the first 6 months of the shed. Michael ensures the workshop is safe and well equipped and is helping the guys find their feet in a group situation.

When the shed is ship-shape they’ll begin other Reuse and Repair projects, working with goods donated to The Bower.

You can see more of what the Men’s Shed get up to by stopping by on a Thursday between 10 and 2pm.