Electronic Repairs

Our electronic repairers are versed in the art of repair of a wide range of electronic goods including kitchen appliances, white goods, audio and televisions, computers and phones, 

We take immense pride inbringing new life in your old electronic goods. It could be a family heirloom, or something you’ve picked up off the side of the road. Whether it is just a matter of cleaning and polishing the item or lubricating connectors or replacing essential parts we do it all according to best practice and with pleasure.

We do this because we promote sustainable solutions and because don’t want you to have to through away your aging electronic items. We know how to extend the life of items you are emotional attached to or of items that are simply not replaceable.  

We will discuss with you the available options and provide you a highly competitive quote before we start the job. And importantly we will give you a warranty.

Repairing a coffee maker at The Bower Repair Cafe