Repair Cafes at The Bower

What is a Repair Cafe?

A repair cafe is a place where skilled repairers meet non-repairers to teach them skills to fix things. Repair Cafes originated in Europe, and the Bower was the first to bring this concept to Australia. To come to one of our repair cafes, you need to bring your broken item and we’ll put you on the path to fixing them. Please note this is a free advice service, not a guaranteed repair. Come along, have a cuppa and our skilled repairers and volunteers will do their best to help. Generally we are only able to look at one item per person.

Electrical Repair Cafe @Banga

Bring a piece of electrical item to fix with one of our volunteers, learn to safely dismantle, identify issues and take home a renewed electrical.

Clothing Repair Cafe @Banga

Learn to sew a dropped hem, de-buttoned shirt, dodgy zip, torn, frayed or holey thing in this community repair program – where people who can sew, assist people who think they can’t!

Bike Repair Cafe @ Banga

Get out your cobwebbed frames and get back on the road with the bicycle tune up program where volunteers help you build, maintain and repair bicycles.

Mobile Repair Cafe @ Banga

Refurbish, diagnose complicated repairs and get comprehensive advice on your old smart phones for faults.

Furniture & Electrical Cafes @ Parramatta

Concerning furniture repair in Parramatta: Please note that parking on Hunter Street is free for fifteen minutes only, so you can bring your item in quickly to see if it can be fixed. If so, you can park in the Justice Precinct Car Park for $3 an hour on Saturdays. Please also note that bike repair is not available at Parramatta.

Introducing The Bower Repair Cafe

Furniture Repair Cafe @Redfern

The Redfern Repair Cafe allows you to use the Bower’s workshop, have access to our tools and to have the guidance of a skilled woodworker. If you have a broken piece of furniture or timber project but no space to work on it, or no confidence to do it on your own, this is for you. If you’re interested in working independently on a repair project, with supervision from a skilled woodworker, consider our Saturday repair cafe.

Paid Repair Services