Tiny House Program

Australia’s Only Hands-on Tiny House Building Course with Reclaimed Materials!

Bower Reuse & Repair Centres first introduced the Tiny House course in 2014. Inspired by an international social movement that promotes simplicity, sustainability and living with less, our Tiny House course is the only intensive, hands-on, tiny home building experience in the country.

The Bower’s focus is on using recycled and reclaimed materials to construct these tiny homes. The principle of avoiding waste underpins all initiatives undertaken by The Bower and our Tiny House course is no exception.

What Will I Learn?

You will work with three professional carpenters and your fellow course participants to build a tiny home over a six-day period. You will gain firsthand experience of the following:

  • Considerations when choosing a trailer
  • Building a frame and getting it right
  • Insulation and cladding
  • Roofing and flooring
  • Sourcing and working with reclaimed materials
  • Using a variety of power and hand tools
  • The what, where, why and how of tiny house living
  • Finished Tiny House Detail
    Finished Tiny House Detail

Course Outline

Ours is a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience.

Day 1: Introduction, Foundations & Sub-Floor

Following a detailed introduction and OH&S induction, the course facilitators will lead you through the design for the Tiny House being built during the six-day course. You’ll be taught about considerations for selecting a trailer on which to build a moveable Tiny House, including size, weight and towing restrictions. You’ll then be shown how to prepare the trailer for building upon and begin attaching the sub floor framing and lay the floor of the Tiny House.

  • Introduction
  • OH&S safe work site overview.
  • How to work with salvaged building materials
  • Purpose and proper use of power tools
  • Trailers, towing and preparatory work
  • Attaching sub-floor to trailer and laying the floor 

Day 2: Walls

You’ll learn how to build light timber frame walls and the theory necessary to convert your ideas into construction plans including stud spacing, calculating window and door openings, lintels, corner framing. Together as a group, you’ll cut all the timbers for the wall frames, join each wall frame together and stand the walls on the trailer. Then square the house, add cross bracing and secure the walls to the trailer.

  • How to build a stud wall frame
  • Use of recycled framing timber
  • Calculating window and door allowances
  • Cross bracing, lintels and securing the frame to the trailer 

Day 3 & 4: Roofing, Windows & Doors

These are 2 big days! You will learn how to marking out and cut rafters then you’ll construct the roof of the Tiny House, lay roof insulation, sheet metal roofing, ridge capping and guttering. You will also learn the importance of water proofing the roof, walls and the critical areas around windows and door openings. By the end of these two days, the Tiny House will be a waterproofed timber frame with an insulated roof.

  • Marking out and cutting rafters
  • Constructing a roof
  • Roof Insulation and waterproofing
  • Laying sheet metal roofing
  • Understanding airflow and condensation in tiny houses
  • Wall wrapping (sarking) and preparation for cladding
  • Installation of windows 

Day 5: Exterior Wall Cladding

You’ll be working with salvaged corrugated iron and recycled weatherboards to attach the exterior cladding of the Tiny House. As well as learning how to install windows and hang a door in the house frame, along with finishing off window and door openings.

  • Aesthetics of using recycled building materials
  • How to select and work with salvaged cladding materials
  • Attaching corrugated iron and traditional weatherboards
  • How to build a door jamb and hang a door 

Day 6: Exterior Trims & Finishing Off

The final day of the course will be spent putting your new building skills to good use, finishing of the tiny house and adding the finishing touches like corner flashing and exterior trimmings. Before the end of the course there will be time to make sure all your tiny house building questions have been answered.

  • Laws and regulations around tiny houses and buildings
  • Transitioning to living in a tiny house
  • Considerations for off-grid living
  • Continue to complete as much of the tiny house as we can 

Course Details

  • Name – The Bower, Tiny House Course
  • Date & Time – March 22nd – 27th 2021, 9AM – 5PM
  • Cost – AUD $1,950.00 (GST Included)
  • Event Venue – 10 Carrington Road, Marrickville

No prior experience is necessary. We welcome beginners, experts, the curious and the adventurous. During the course you will work as part of a team to construct a tiny home to lock up stage. Along the way you will acquire knowledge and skills that will last you a life time.


The 2020 Tiny House Course & Auction

The Bower is a not-for-profit, championing the cause of using reclaimed building material and this course is the showcase of the experience, skills and technicalities we’ve acquired over the past 15 years, of not only pushing an important environmental cause forward but also the building of capacity and resilience of our staff, supporters and volunteers.

Tiny House Specifications

The Tiny House is built with reclaimed building material to the lockup stage. The House is an open frame with a water proof and insulated roof and sufficient space for a sleeping loft, water storage and solar panels. The buyer can fit out the interior as per its intended use i.e. home, office, workshop, nanny space or any other function.

Overall Dimensions

  • Height 4.2 m
  • Width 1.98 m
  • Length 4.82 m
  • Weight: 2.3 Metric Tons

Mounted on a New Dual-Axle Trailer

  • Tara weight: 300 kg
  • GVM: 3000 kg
  • Size: 4820mm long x 1980mm wide
  • Drawbar Length: 1400mm to centre of tow ball
  • Axles: Tandem solid axles with electric brakes on both 45mm axles + breakaway system
  • Wheels & Tyres: Brand new Sunrasias wheels with light truck tyres
  • Jockey wheel and LED lights
  • Valid Rego: expiring 3/2/2021
  • 6 months warranty.
  • Tiny House High Side View
    Tiny House High Side View