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Right to Repair Petition

Read the letter we are sending to The Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, and sign our petition below!

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To: The Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg
From: [Your Name]

We, the undersigned call on you to:

Implement a package of measures to facilitate consumers’ rights for the repair of personal and household items, extend products life cycles, stimulate the ‘circular’ economy (repair and reuse), and reduce the amount of hard waste going to landfill.

Based on leading best practice consumer rights policies around the world, this would include:

  • Introduce mandatory schemes for manufacturers of new products to provide spare parts and repair manuals for a mandated period of time, such as has been legislated in France and is being introduced across Europe and other jurisdictions.
  • Tax breaks for repairs of personal and household items, such as has been legislated in Sweden and other jurisdictions, as a financial incentive to repair and reuse, rather than throw away and buy new.
  • Other best practice measures to boost the circular economy, lengthen product life, reduce landfill and protect the environment, such as including reusability and reparability standards in the Product Stewardship Act, as well as adding the ‘right to repair’ to the Productivity Commission’s agenda for further examination and report back.

By introducing these measures and making it easier for Australians to repair, and have repaired, their personal items, and for businesses to provide repair, reuse and associated services, you will be achieving strong social, economic (including job creation) and environmental outcomes across the country.

Please support the right of Australians to repair everything we own.

Yours sincerely,
[The undersigned]

The Bower partners with many councils in and around the Sydney area. Book a free collection from one of these council areas