Bequest – the circle of life

Leave a lasting Legacy to the Bower Re-use and Repair Centre in your will, and build a sustainable future for our planet.

Imagine a world where there is a ‘Repair Café’ in every neighbourhood, where the skill and art of repair is revived and shared across communities, cultures and generations.

Imagine a world where products are designed and built to last, and can be easily repaired when something goes wrong, with the requisite manuals, spare parts and tools widely available.

Imagine a world no longer needing to plunder its natural resources – our forests, mineral, and waterways – to the point of destruction, instead implementing real solutions to pollution, species extinctions and climate change, and ensuring a viable future for our children and grandchildren.

Imagine a world supported by a thriving ‘circular’ economy with thousands of 21st century jobs in re-use, repair, recycling and renewable energy, with financial incentives and tax breaks for repairing products and extending their life cycle.

Now imagine having the power to help create that world.
You do.
Your legacy gift will help the Bower invest in vital work to build a sustainable world for future generations.

How to leave a legacy (also known as a bequest or gift) to the Bower in your will

Contact Bower to let us know

This is of course up to you but we would love to know if you are considering or have decided to leave a bequest to Bower. Please email Bower General Manager  on

Request more information

If you would like any information or guidance from us, please email us at

Seek advice from your solicitor

Sample wording to include in your will (subject to your solicitor’s advice):

“I give:

(a) the rest and residue of my estate; OR

(b) the sum of $[insert amount]; or [insert specified items]; OR

(c) [insert percentage]% of my estate

free from all debts (secured and unsecured) and all duties and taxes (whether federal or state) payable in respect of my estate,to The Bower Re-use and Repair Centre Co-operative Ltd(ABN 51 412 061 029) (‘Bower’) for its general purposes,and I DECLARE that the receipt of an authorised officer of the said organisation shall be a complete and sufficient discharge of this bequest.”

Your Legacy Gift

For over more than 20 years, Bower Re-use and Repair Centre has played a vital role in fostering a growing culture of sustainability, re-use and repair through education, practical programs and services, and political advocacy.

Your legacy gift will help ensure the environment and social mission of Bower continues for the next 20 years and beyond, as we incubate and grow a thriving ‘circular’ economy and create a sustainable future for our local communities and our planet.


Bower Reuse & Repair Centre began near the end of last century when a group of Sydney residents from all walks of life, who shared a determination to live more sustainably, got together with aspirations to establish a reuse centre for everyday household items.

This passionate group of volunteers built a warehouse and store in Marrickville out of straw bales and salvaged building materials, which became the original home of the Bower – an environmental charity and cooperative committed to cutting household ‘hard waste’ and reducing landfill.

The Bower quickly established a free ‘collections’ service for households and now has partnerships with 21 councils across Sydney to collect unwanted furniture and household items, for re-purposing or re-homing, diverting them from landfill.


The Bower established Australia’s first Repair Café a friendly community space where people can share knowledge and skills in repairing all kinds of items – electrical goods, clothing, furniture, bikes and more.


The Bower launches Australia’s ‘fight for the right to repair’ campaign, a media, political and community advocacy campaign which is rapidly building momentum, to:

  • fight for citizens ‘Right to Repair’ their household and electrical items,
  • policies and practices to drastically cut waste and pollution,
  • achieve real, lasting social change in living sustainably.
We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora nation who are the traditional custodians of this land and pay respect to Elders past, present and future and extend that respect to other Aboriginal people.