The Bower Directors

As a co-operative and a not-for profit, The Bower is overseen by a group of Directors who volunteer their time and expertise to ensure the longevity of our environmental charity.

The Bower Board Directors are a group as diverse and knowledgeable as The Bower Membership Base, and many have a long standing history with the Co-op. The Board is elected annually by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Congratulations to the new Board Directors, who will direct The Bower into a bright future. The board of The Bower can be contacted via the General Manager (see our Contact page).


Ulrike Zimmermann – Board Chair

As a campaigner, policy officer and facilitator Ulrike has worked with several NGOs in the human rights and environmental sectors – with experience in local government thrown in for good measure. She is currently an organiser for the Greens NSW, tasked with building capacity, supporting grassroots activism and strengthening good governance in local groups. Involvement with The Bower provides Ulrike with the opportunities to contribute to the wider environmental movement and being actively involved in promoting a more sustainable way of life.

Peter Carroll

Peter Carroll – Secretary

As an educator of various disciplines, Peter brings a wealth of experience and ideas to The Bower. Peter is the Company Secretary of SCRAP ( School Communities Recycling All Paper) Ltd with which the Bower has a long standing partnership in environmental education and waste reduction programs. His understanding of educational practices and learning processes, together with a passion for the environment, puts him in a valuable position for the success of The Bower’s expanding community.

Terry O'Donnell

Terry O’Donnell – Treasurer

Terry is an accountant of 20 years with extensive experience in not for profit sector, holding various middle and senior management roles with responsibilities over finance, office and property administration. Terry holds a postgraduate diploma in governance, is a member of the Governance Institute of Australia and is the company secretary for a global environmental charity. Terry is committed to environmental activism and sees his involvement with The Bower as a practical way he can contribute to social and environmental sustainability of the Sydney community.

Oliver Bradshaw

Oliver is an accomplished environment and resource manager with a background in environmental law, government policy, and environmental science. He is the current Vice-Chair and formerly Chair of the WMAA NSW Landfill Working Group, sits on the WMAA National Landfill Division’s Regulatory Technical Committee and the NSW State Branch Committee. Oliver runs Hawkesbury City Waste Management Facility in Sydney’s North West and works closely with government partners to deliver strong environmental protection policy and drive change in the waste and resources sectors. Through his combined industry and business skills, Oliver provides corporate governance, oversight, and steering to The Bower, whilst advising and assisting on areas of business development and growth.


 Michael Saroff

Michael has a Masters in Design Computing(Sydney Uni) and is currently teaching Digital Media Technologies at TAFE and Canberra University. His background is in technical production management in entertainment and live theatre production. He also has been a volunteer with The Bower Repair Café and now works as a contract educator/repairer on weekends. He has a keen interest in saving viable resources from landfill.

Terry Nagle pic

Terry Nagle

Terry has been the Operations Manager for a small retail company since 2003.  Prior to this, she was in senior management in the pharmaceutical industry.  Terry has a strong interest in animal welfare and has been a foster carer for the RSPCA for over 10 years.  Social justice and sustainability are also of particular interest to Terry. Terry brings experience as a board member having been on the board of The Blue Knot Foundation, which is the only organisation addressing the needs of adult survivors of child abuse. Terry is also a qualified step instructor and has competed in Spartan events.  She also has a science degree and post graduate qualifications in commerce.

Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Board meetings generally will be published within 8 weeks of the date of the meeting. This allows time for the minutes to be approved at the subsequent Board meeting. Board meeting minutes can also be viewed or copied at The Bower by appointment (Please email the General Manager (see our Contact page) to make an appointment to view meeting minutes or other Co-operative records.)

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