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The Board

As a co-operative and a not-for profit, the Bower is overseen by a group of directors who volunteer their time and expertise to ensure the longevity of our environmental charity. The Bower Board of Directors is a group as diverse and knowledgeable as the Bower’s members, and many have a long standing history with the co-op. The Board is elected annually by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Below is the bios of individual board members, and board meeting minutes. The board can be contacted via The Bower’s General Manager.

The Bower’s board of directors

Michelle Sheather – Board Chair

Michelle Sheather has been the Australian Greens International Development Coordinator for four years. She has worked on all continents, focusing on environmental and human rights and disarmament initiatives for 30+ years in the international and Australian NGO community. Previously, Michelle held the role of Campaigns Director for Greenpeace International in the Netherlands with 35 global project; and coordinated their priority campaign projects and field expeditions in remote areas such as the Norwegian Arctic and French nuclear test site in the South Pacific. Michelle worked for Amnesty International on issues relating to Africa and setting up AI’s Crisis Response Unit on large-scale human rights issues such as Rwanda massacres and Chechnya. She has worked on numerous UN Conferences and treaties; and run global training programs. Michelle is also a permaculturist and permaculture teacher.

Tony Turri – Treasurer

Tony is an accountant of 30+ years with extensive experience in the commercial sector, holding various middle and senior management roles with responsibilities over finance, property administration and operations across FMCG, Manufacturing and Service industries. Tony is a JP, a Fellow Member of the CPA, a fellow member of the institute of Public Accountants and is the company director & secretary for the local operations of a global NY stock exchange listed company. Tony is committed to environmental sustainability and sees his involvement with The Bower as a practical way he can contribute to social and environmental sustainability of the community.

Helen Cooper – Secretary

Helen is a lawyer who specialises in court advocacy on public interest issues with a focus to changing and improving policies and institutions to improve the health and welfare of the public, and in particular to disadvantaged communities. As a solicitor with Legal Aid NSW, Helen has experience in reading and interpreting legislation, case law, understanding legal rights, analytical thinking and strategic argument. Helen has a passion for the environment and sees her involvement with the Bower as an opportunity to use her legal skills to assist The Bower advocate for systemic change in growing the circular economy.

Margy Vary

Margy Vary is an independent marketing and digital publishing consultant. She brings extensive experience in business consulting to The Bower, along with expertise in developing business plans, inspiring vision, and establishing and growing a loyal customer base from the start-up phase. Margy’s six years of work at The Guardian Australia have also equipped her with a sound knowledge of local media, a deep understanding of creating financially sustainable businesses with a purpose driven agenda, and an understanding of digital fundraising for a cause-related organisation. Margy is currently completing her MBA in Social & Environmental Impact at the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Linda O’Malley

Linda O’Malley has over ten years of experience in developing stakeholder engagement strategies with not for profit organisations. She has worked on large scale projects and events that serve to cultivate audience relationships and generate long term philanthropic and in-kind support for prominent institutions including the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the University of Sydney. Linda has previously led fundraising initiatives in a volunteer capacity with other community groups.

**August, 2021: The Bower is currently recruiting for two voluntary board members. Visit Careers at The Bower for more info.**

The Bower Governance Documents

Board meeting minutes