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ART from TRASH is a trademark of Hobart’s Resource Work Cooperative and an exhibition hosted by Bower Reuse & Repair Centres in Parramatta and Redfern. It encourages the reuse of discarded materials in the production of amazing visual art.

“Through ART from TRASH we aim to inspire artists in our community to think about working with the circular economy to create incredible art,” says the Bower’s General Manager, Guido Verbist.

“On a broader level, we’re hoping to educate people about the potential value of what we throw away, and to keep some of these materials away from landfill.”

“We want to encourage our artists to view The Bower as a potential source for materials. There is an abundance of inspiration to be found at our centres.”

As the October 2 opening of ART From TRASH fast approaches, the Bower is thrilled to announce that we have received over 70 entries from more than 30 artists; a vast and inspired array of works ranging from paintings to sculpture to weavings to assemblage – all created from reused materials. Our 2020 exhibitors are:

Alicia Zhao | Angie Contini | Anna Mango | Anna Mango & Tarja Martin | Anna Thieben | Annette Innis | ArtyFarty | Birgit Heinemann | Christiaan Hoppenbrouwers | Debbie Bourke | Eleni Pitsilioni-Alexiou| Elke Wohlfahrt | Fiona Arnold| Grace Lech  | Janny Grant | Lesley Richman | Luke Abdallah | Lyndsey Hatchwell | Maria Kokkoris | Maria Merle | Marina Robins | Mark Boyle | Mary Boland | Mia Sabel | Pluckfastic | The Bowerbird Herd | Smith | Steven Fasan | Toni Kearns | Tracey Cole

We will be revealing artists’ work online in the lead up to the exhibition and will launch a full online gallery on October 4. 

The ART From TRASH COVID-safe opening events will take place on Friday, October 2 at our Parramatta Premises and on Friday, October 16 at 107 Projects in Redfern, commencing at 6 pm. 

Parramatta’s instalment of ART from TRASH will also include the return of the Parra Pickers Trash & Treasure Markets, featuring food, music and wares from some of the region’s finest artisans.

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